meet the fam.


Laura Hurwitz

Founder and CEO of Jake’s Mom’s Cookies

Thirty years ago, Laura started baking chocolate chip cookies for her family and friends. Her unrelenting dedication to these near-daily baking efforts was rewarded by the creation of the perfect chocolate chip cookie- joyfully rich, profoundly flavorful. At the urging of her cookie fans (i.e. anyone who has ever tasted one) Laura took a leap of faith, and is bringing her cookies out of the kitchen and into the world for all to enjoy.


Sam Hurwitz

CFO and General Counsel of Jake’s Mom’s Cookies

Thirty years ago, Sam started eating the cookies made by Laura, his wife. He is officially hooked. He spends his days as a tax lawyer and butt of Jake’s jokes. He brings his skill as a spreadsheet master to the company, along with his enduring love of Laura’s chocolate chip cookies.


Hannah Hurwitz

 CTO and Partner

Although Hannah’s vegan diet prevents her from eating Jake's (and Hannah's) Mom's Cookies, her background in design, photography, community engagement, and business development make her the perfect CTO for Jake’s Mom’s Cookies. She is dedicated to making Jake’s Mom’s Cookies brand and online presence as flawless as the cookies themselves. Hannah lives in New Haven, Connecticut, and loves to travel around the globe with her camera.


Jake Hurwitz


Jake is Laura's favorite son - of course - and her favorite child, in general. Jake has never let his mother down. Not even when he failed out of 3 colleges in 2 years. It was Jake's constant appetite for cookies that allowed Laura to perfect her recipe over hundreds and hundreds of batches.