Blog Entry No 1 Jake’s Mom’s Cookies

Day one, and I’ll admit I’m nervous. Not about baking the cookies- I could do that in my sleep. Not about the way the cookies will turn out- after thirty years of baking, I know they will turn out the way they always do: dense, rich, and profoundly satisfying. About how this is all going to come together- yes, I am nervous about that. As poet Adrienne Rich observed, all new learning looks at first like chaos. This is new learning for me, but I am beyond lucky to have such great partners by my side. Sam, my left-brained husband, who knows all the legal and tax stuff that makes my eyes glaze over. Hannah, who can not only take the world’s best photographs but has great impulses when it comes to partnerships and networking, not to mention her impeccable aesthetic. Jake, who can promote the heck out of anything, and whose charisma and love of his mom and his mom’s cookies knows no bounds. Sarah, who knows her way around kitchens and chaos both, who brings logic and heart and speed, plus hands that can work magic.

Laura HurwitzComment