Happily Swamped!

I have to apologize for the blog post drought. These days, I am literally up to my elbows in cookie dough. I am getting to be quite the expert at sealing padded mailers and Jake’s Mom’s Cookies sticker application. Anyway, to let you know what’s happening, I am baking and selling locally, at three stores. I am filling lots and lots of on-line orders. I am ordering supplies and frequently begging for my family’s help to keep my cookie empire humming. Thankfully, they have been amazing. It’s a steep learning curve and sometimes things have to give- like blog posting. I do want to grab this moment at 6 a.m. to wish you all a happy holiday season, and thank you for your ongoing love and support. In January I will be starting my guest baker series, and I’m excited about that. Peanut-free folks, get ready to love Jane Licata’s peanut free double chocolate biscotti, available January 2nd! The cookie kitchen is on holiday hiatus from December 21st to the 31st. In 2018, my resolution is to post more, and to keep the cookie love flowing.

Laura Hurwitz