The other day I was invited to speak to a group of Yale graduate students about possible career paths.

The irony of this was not lost on me. Career-wise, I am the feather in the opening and closing scenes of the movie Forrest Gump, lighting for a spell before another gust of wind carried me along. The Yalies I spoke to were, as one might expect, brilliant overachievers. They were in the business school, nursing school, divinity school, and Ph.D. programs. They were earnest, self-directed.

They seemed to know what they want, while I am still unsure.

When I submitted my disjointed jumble of a professional bio to the coordinator of the event I asked if, after reviewing my credentials, did she really want me there?

It’s good for them to know things aren’t always a straight shot, she told me, and that you can say yes to the universe, then figure things out as you go along.

This was comforting, but didn’t stop me from feeling like the least qualified person in the room.

Still, I had shown up and muddled through. I had a fine time with some very cool people.

What can I say? Story of my life.

Laura Hurwitz