Happy Birthday, CFO Sammy

Today is my husband Sam’s birthday.

The summer we started dating, Sam was working on his jackknife.

His apartment complex had a pool where he worked as a lifeguard. During his breaks, he would dive.

This might make you think Sam was a perfectionist, trying and trying again to get his diving technique right. But part of this- the most important part, I would argue- required him to spring out, uncertain of how he would enter the water, vertically, or in a belly flop.

Sam is now a man of steady habits, a tax lawyer with an abiding interest in his pick-up soccer group, the New York Times crossword puzzle, and crime novels. But I would argue that while Sam no longer seeks out diving boards, steady habits require daily leaps of faith. Sam may have given up diving, but he has never stopped finding the joy and the purpose in the leap.

Laura Hurwitz