Marketing is a part of the cookie biz that- I’ll be honest here- I’m not totally comfortable with. Still, I’d like for folks to buy my cookies. I try to cozy up to buzzwords like “nimble” and “proactive” even though this is new, uncharted territory because I believe in my cookies. Even more than wanting people to buy them, I want people to enjoy them. When I send off orders I like to imagine those on the receiving end taking their first bite because I’ve seen that blissed-out expression, heard the ummmm of satisfaction, and they make me ridiculously happy. I have no inclination to expand my repertoire, or even tinker with the yum factor of the cookie I have worked so hard to perfect, but I am thinking I can offer Jake’s Mom’s Cookies in a smaller size, at a smaller price. Coming up: two-bite sized cookies, four to a pack, and four packs to a box. $19.99 including shipping. Who’s in?

Laura Hurwitz