No Peanuts, Just Love!

This weekend I went to Amherst, New York, and hung out with not simply a fellow cookie baker, but a fellow doting mom who bakes cookies. Her name is Jane Licata, and she is mother to my daughter Eliza’s awesome boyfriend Dan and his two amazing sisters, Elizabeth and Kate. I’m not here to extol her cookie baking and all-around culinary talent, even though it is mighty and impossible to ignore. What I want to tell you about is how the love she has for her three kids manifests in her homemade sweet treats. See, Jane’s daughter Elizabeth is deathly allergic to peanuts. Jane started baking for Elizabeth because she worried about the peanut-free purity of commercial baked goods. The double chocolate biscotti Jane baked for us, shown here, is what she devised for Elizabeth.

I am going to feature Elizabeth’s (and Dan’s and Kate’s) Mom Double Chocolate Biscotti on my site over the month of January. You can order them in combination with my own chocolate chip cookies, or solo. For those who wrote in asking for guaranteed peanut-free mom-generated deliciousness, I’m happy to say that thanks to Jane, come January, you’ll get your chance!

Laura Hurwitz