Business Unplan

The other night I was out with my husband Sam and some of the people he knows through work. One woman turned to me and asked “Do you work?”

My response was the honest mixed-bag truth: I’m a writer, podcaster, and ex-teacher who recently started a cookie business.

The cookie business was what got her attention. Her eyes lit up. “Am I going to be seeing you on Shark Tank?”

“God, I hope not. If they said anything critical I’d start crying.” She laughed.

“Where do you see this business ending up?” she asked. “Are you taking it big?”

I had to think about this. I guess most people go into business with an end goal in mind. “Maybe someday, but actually, I like making the cookies myself.”

I kept talking but she’d clearly lost interest in me as a business owner. But that’s okay. It was still an instructive moment. I learned that starting a cookie business eclipses writing or teaching as a conversation-starter. I also discovered I am not your typical entrepreneur. I am not focused on an endpoint, but enjoying where I am now. Mostly, I’m just happy baking cookies.

Laura Hurwitz