The Rachael Cookie

According to everything I’ve ever read about chocolate chip cookies, people think the more chips, the better. It makes sense. People who love chocolate chip cookies also love chocolate chips because if they didn’t, they’d stick to sugar cookies. But my daughter Rachael. Maybe it’s because I only baked chocolate chip cookies, but Rachael loved the orphan cookie scraped from the sides and bottom of the bowl that had barely any chips. Sometimes I’d deliberately overload other cookies so she’d get a few chipless ones.

Using a commercial mixer has made the Rachael cookie a thing of the home kitchen past. The big cookie paddle mixes the chips in very evenly and thoroughly. But this week, somehow, a Rachael cookie emerged. Just in time, too. Rachael’s visiting from North Caroline and I’m going to deliver this cookie, imperfect for most but perfect for her, in person.

Laura Hurwitz