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Denser. Richer. Made by mom.

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Dear Cookie Fans:

I am closing up shop during our family vacation August 8th - September 4th. Have a great August, and see you in September! XO Laura


Welcome! For the past 30 years, I have been baking rich, dense, and delightful cookies that have become "the talk of the town." Don't get me wrong, I'm no baker, just a one-trick pony who has lovingly worked to come up with what I believe is the best chocolate chip cookie, period. Eventually, this passion grew to become Jake's Mom's Cookies.

You can order Jake’s Mom’s Cookies in two ways: a one-time shipment of a dozen cookies, direct to your door, or as a once a month subscription service, so you can skip the hassle of reordering and your dozen cookies will be replenished every four weeks.

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When my six kids, Hannah, Jake, the triplets (Rachael, Sarah, and Eliza) and Micah, were young, in between schlepping and feeding and generally caring for a half-dozen energetic, occasionally ornery, wildly imaginative little humans, I baked cookies. In fact, I baked their favorite soft chocolate chip cookies every single day, tweaking the recipe until I got it exactly right. Through sweet trial and error, I found I had a suburban legend on my hands.

Neighbors (I’m talking adult neighbors) would steal into our kitchen by the back door and nab one or two or, in one particularly memorable case, a handful. My father was my most avid customer. Every day, he would stop by our house - under the pretense of “checking in”- and swipe two cookies. One he ate on the spot and the other he’d stick in the pocket of his khakis. Butter and chocolate stains were inevitable and drove my mother crazy, but the lure of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies proved impossible to resist.